Walking the Beat Hollywood 2019:

A Wall is Just Another Door​

In partnership with The Fountain Theatre and Los Angeles City College, EYTE proudly introduces Walking the Beat Hollywood, a summer theater arts based program for inner city high school youth and police officers in Hollywood, East Hollywood and adjacent communities.

EYTE and The Fountain Theatre launched this pioneering arts education program in 2019 with support from HBO Inspires, Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell, Supervisor Sheila Kuehl and other community partners. Utilizing performing arts as a vehicle for youth empowerment and community building, this 9 week program builds confidence, character, communication skills and community. Walking the Beat inspires — in students and officers alike — an appreciation for their common humanity, and a commitment to community and social justice.


“LAPD Hollywood is excited to partner with the Fountain to make Walking the Beat 2020 a reality. In 2019,this program was another giant step in building trust in our community. It’s an investment we must continue to make”

- Commanding Officer Cory Palka of LAPD Hollywood

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