Elizabeth Youth Theater Ensemble, a qualified organization of the New Jersey Cultural Trust

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Elizabeth Youth Theater Ensemble,

A qualified organization of the New Jersey Cultural Trust​

The Elizabeth Youth Theater Ensemble (EYTE) is proud to announce its designation as a qualified organization as defined by the rules of the New Jersey Cultural Trust. The official date of qualification was on September 29, 2020 – but what does this mean?

Besides having the ability to affix this designation on printed materials, advertising, and
solicitations, it ensures that EYTE is a contributor to a healthy, thriving nonprofit cultural
industry in the state of New Jersey. Most importantly, simply put, it puts EYTE in a
better position to continue providing the programs and events that have brought us to
where we are today and ultimately down a sustainable future.

We look forward to continuing the work that has brought us to this point with a very
special thank you to the students, teachers, volunteers, artists, and partnering
organizations that have believed in our mission.

Please join us in celebrating this unique achievement, and a special thanks to the New
Jersey Cultural Trust for their recognition.