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Elizabeth Youth Theater Ensemble presents:

Walking the Beat 2021: The Fugitive Academy

Sunday, september 12 @ 6 pm est with a LIVE Q&A after the show - click here to rsvp NOW!

Directed by Theo Perkins, Executive & Artistic Director

Written and arranged by Angela Kariotis, Curriculum Director & Program Facilitator

Assistant Directed By Ariana Montoya

In Walking the Beat 2021: The Fugitive Academy we explored class struggle and building solidarity between students and officers, both required to take orders. Both are preoccupied with survival. Both caught in systems of the state.

Fugitivity is the defiant refusal of standards, impositions from elsewhere. Fugitivity is the soul’s defiance and the spirit chasing freedom. Imagination is the artist’s work. So, we got lost, and escaped into our imaginations. We wondered and wondered into the future. And instead of remaining there, in an ephemeral state of possibility, we returned for the sake of the living.

We are back with this love letter, this warning, this manifesto. We know, we do not yet live in the world we want to live in. But we can co-create one using our imaginations. The future is ours. What will you risk for it? Dream with us. Class is in session. Welcome to The Fugitive Academy.


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This event is Outdoors. Face coverings are strongly recommended. Proof of vaccination will not be required.

Everyone should practice recommended social distancing guidelines during their time at all EYTE events.

  • In addition to using hand sanitizing stations onsite, everyone is encouraged to wash their hands regularly while at the event.
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Your contribution to the Elizabeth Youth Theater Ensemble makes you an ally in our efforts to help young people build capacity for social change through art-making.

As an organization committed to deepening artistic engagement in communities, while fighting for justice, we are looking for your support!

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