Elizabeth Youth Theater Ensemble presents...

Walking the Beat 2020: An Emergency Convening

Monday, September 21 @ 5pm PST/8pm EST with LIVE Post Show Discussion with Ensemble

Directed by Theo Perkins, Executive & Artistic Director

Written and arranged by Angela Kariotis, Curriculum Director & Program Facilitator

Walking the Beat is a creative writing, theater, and multi-media workshop for students grades 9-12 and local police officers, designed to establish a groundwork for conversation and create real, achievable actions for specific communities across the country.

This summer, at the height of Black Lives Matter protests against police brutality, structural racism, and white supremacy, 13 students and 7 local police officers from Elizabeth, NJ, participated in the program, commiting to listen not to listen to agree. Due to COVID-19, this summer’s workshop took place on Zoom through a virtual social justice experience.

Below is the special premiere screening of Walking the Beat 2020: An Emergency Convening, which uses theater, film, and spoken word to share some of our meaningful takeaways from this past summer.

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