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The Afterschool Podcast

Introducing the "After-School Podcast"

by The Elizabeth Youth Theater Ensemble

Welcome to the After-School Podcast, where the vibrant voices of teenagers take center stage. Produced by The Elizabeth Youth Theater Ensemble’s Walking the Beat program, our podcast is not just about conversations; it’s about empowering young minds to write their stories, sing their lyrics, and think their thoughts. This mark’s EYTE’s first podcast generation. We’re growing!

In each episode, our talented group of teenagers delves into topics that matter—from the challenges of community-based violence, reading Jason Reynolds’ Long Way Down, to the intricate dynamics of relationships. It’s not just talk; it’s a journey through the thoughts, experiences, and creativity of the next generation.

But here’s the unique twist: we don’t just talk about it; we learn about it. The After-School Podcast is not just a show; it’s a workshop. Our teens are not only hosts but also producers, learning the ropes of podcast creation from the ground up. From using AI to edit and creating their own logos seen here to mastering the art of structuring a conversation, assembling equipment, conducting interviews, and producing a show—our teens do it all.

Join us as we navigate the realms of technology and storytelling. The After-School Podcast is more than just a platform; it’s a brave space where these amazing teens can be themselves, explore their passions, and share their perspectives with the world.

Whether you’re interested in the raw authenticity of teen voices, the ins and outs of podcast production, or just crave an engaging conversation, this program is for you. Subscribe now to join our community and witness the incredible journey of self-discovery and expression.

The After-School Podcast—a space where teens not only find their voices but also learn to amplify them.

Read your words, sing your lyrics, think your thoughts. Open your mind.