2022 Walking the Beat: Los Angeles

Students and Officers in the Walking the Beat program leaned into a transformative group process.

Change is not transformation. Change is the modification of day-to-day external action for desired results. Transformation is modifying core-beliefs and long-term behaviors in profound ways.  Dr. Bayo Akomolafe reminds us, “The pandemic brought chaos where we are able to see ourselves for the first time. Normal is fluid and fragile. The pandemic unearthed and did what decades of activism couldn’t.” 

Rev. Angel Kyodo Williams describes a “structural socio-pathy.” The pathological ways our society has developed ingrained ways to devalue people. Our current apex is a pathology. Jacob Blake is shot in the back. Kyle Rittenhouse walks aways after killing two people. 

Dr. King described, “beloved community.” To have FAITH that we are dependent on each other for survival. We are not committed ENOUGH in our interdependency.

Transformation is messy. What do we have to learn from the teacher of discomfort? Receive discomfort as growth and expansion. We will become a society that benefits all people and species, to alleviate suffering, creating policy with the 7th Generation in mind.

Revolution is evolution.

Students and Officers emerged with ideas, stories, experiences to share.

Audre Lorde says, “Sometimes we are blessed with being able to choose the time, arena and manner of our revolution, but more often it must occur right where we are standing.”